WNM Live enables free voice calls in Windows Phone 7 devices

The location-based social network, WNM Live, beats both Tango and Microsoft's own Skype in being the first to offer free VoIP calls in a Windows Phone 7 platform. WNM Live from SynergeTech Solutions was updated recently for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The social network's latest upgrade adds a number of new features that further allows WNM Live's users to meet and connect with other people nearby.

Most significant of the new features is the ability to place and receive voice calls over a data connection through VoIP. This is the first app for the Windows Phone 7 platform to enable such functionality.

Many of the new features included in the update for the Windows Phone 7 application have also been added to the service's Facebook application, as well as their website. For example, users from any of the popular platforms will be able to call one another using the new voice calling functionality – mobile devices, PC, and Mac users are all included.

"This new update to WNM Live is the most substantial one to the service we have made to date. We’re starting to see significant user loyalty and are very excited to see things continue to speed up as we launch native applications for Android later this 2011 and for iOS in early 2012," said Brian Hamachek, the Founder and CEO of SynergeTech Solutions.

The free app shows you other users near you that share your common interests. When a user finds someone they are interested in, they can send free text and photo messages and now can also make free voice calls over a data connection. All of this can be possible while remaining as anonymous as the user chooses.

The Windows Phone 7 app has been the recipient of numerous awards, including second place in Microsoft's 1st annual Windows Phone 7 App Challenge that took place in Los Angeles, California during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in June of 2011. WNM Live is free and has over 350,000 users. The recent update can be downloaded from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace or from the WNM Live website.

About WNM Live and SynergeTech Solutions, Inc

WNM Live is the first location-based social network that introduces users with new people nearby that share common interests. The service has applications for the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 mobile platforms, as well as a Facebook application.

SynergeTech Solutions is a California corporation that formed in 2009 and incorporated in  2010 with the goal of creating innovative mobile products that help people connect both online and in the physical world. The company aims to create forward-thinking products that are fun and easy to use while providing unprecedented levels of functionality.

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